The emphasis when rearing replacements, is on animals that are free of disease, improved productivity and would fit in the housing provisions of your herd. Our youngstock service will assist you improve the average productive years and yields of your adult animals.


A. Weight Measuring and Data Collection

We can accurately weight score your replacements at critical intervals and ensure that their growth rates in their various stages of development are at or above accepted levels.

We can also collate and analyse data from your own rearing systems and ensure that growth output is constantly optimum. This is simple as well as vital information, that will ensure your youngstock will remain healthy, stress-free and above all productive.


B. Youngstock Training

If you are looking to invest in rearing the future of your dairy or suckler herd, we can be there for you and for your training needs. Colostrum management, optimum growth rates, disease prevention, suitable breeding plan and age at first calving of 22 months, are a few of the areas that we shall cover.

Understand how you can achieve optimum breeding results, while improving whenever possible, water, air, light, space and feed provisions for your animals.


C. Risk Factors and Prevention

The wealth of experience that a CowSignals Master Trainer brings, can help us identify and successfully address risk factors on your holding.

  • Starting with the calf milk replacer advise you on the best choice available. Skim or whey, components of animal or plant origin, what is the best ash level are some of the many criteria we shall check.
  • Our clients benefit from devising breeding plans, by selecting the most appropriate genomic sires that are likely to improve performance in their offspring.
  • We shall work with your nutritionist or produce ourselves diets for your youngstock, to ensure the productivity potential is maximised.
  • Inspect the accommodation, appraise and modify the design, so that replacements fit in well when they join the main herd.

These translate as happy, healthy and highly profitable youngstock!