“At Mendip Vets we offer solutions to suit your needs!
We are a firm serving you locally, offering highly experienced skills to farmers and dedicated services to vets.”

We are a family run business based in Somerset and Carmarthenshire, however our services cover a wider area in England and Wales. Our focus is farm livestock, particularly dairy and we treat your business as if it were our own, offering a bespoke and highly competitive priced skill set.

We recognise the importance of improving performance and profitability through training for vets and farmers. This has led us to become an approved LANTRA Training Provider, Farming Connect Lifelong Learning and Development Programme course provider, RoMS Training Provider and offer from clinical to preventative management courses. Having undertaken instructional skills training, we feel we can relate well to the needs of businesses, using training as a tool for changing behaviour.

Our clients benefit from the following selection of clinical services for ruminants:

  1. Fertility and herd health consultancy
    • Implanting Embryos
    • Pregnancy diagnosis for cattle at 28 days with an ultrasound scanner and at 38 days manually
    • Identification of twins and foetal gender determination, if exposure permits
    • Heat synchronisation protocols
    • Bull and ram semen testing
    • Genomic Benchmarking
    • Cattle DIY AI Training
    • Non-Vet Cattle Scanning Training
  2. Milking plant and mastitis investigations
  3. Cattle hoofcare and lameness prevention consultancy
    • Dutch Diploma in Cattle Footcare
    • NPTC Level 3 Certificate of Competence in Cattle Foot Trimming
    • White Line Atlas Method Instructor
    • AHDB Mobility Mentor
    • RoMS Registered Mobility Scorer
  4. Sheep Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer
  5. Ruminant ration and nutrition analysis
  6. Clinical Examinations
    • Exploratory ultrasound investigations
    • Bovine endoscopic surgery (corrective & exploratory)
    • Conventional surgery, including vasectomy
  7. Veterinary medicines training
    • LANTRA Responsible and Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines
    • MilkSure Champion
  8. Independent accreditation for:
    • Milk buyer requirements (Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco)
    • Food standards schemes (Red Tractor, FAWL)
  9. Herd and flock high health accreditation schemes
    • BVDFree and BVD StampItOut Schemes
    • BCVA Accredited Johne's Veterinary Adviser
    • Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS)
    • Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS)
    • Premium Sheep & Goat Health Scheme (PSGHS)
  10. Highly competitive data analysis with:
    • MilkMonitor©
    • DairyComp, Uniform Agri, Interherd, TotalVet, CIS, NMR, HerdCompanion, Lely Time4Cows, DeLaval AlPro
  11. DEFRA OV accreditation
    • Statutory surveillance and Tuberculosis testing (OCQ(V) – ES, OCQ(V) – SS, OCQ(V) – TT)
    • Export licensing (OCQ(V) – EX, OCQ(V) – UX, OCQ(V) – PX)
    • On-farm casualty slaughter (OV – HoP)
  12. Team & Vocational Training
    • The Leadership Trust
    • LANTRA Freelance Instructor & Assessor
    • CowSignals Master Trainer