Time to Upskill

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Now is the time to register with Farming Connect and upskill.

It can save you time as well as money. Do you know how to distinguish the stabiliser from the stress claw? Have you brushed up on the latest lambing technology and techniques?

This is where approved Farming Connect course provider Mendip Vets comes in. DIY AI, hoof trimming, safe use of VetMeds, mobility scoring, livestock handling and lambing are all pretty straightforward. But it takes the right training to do it properly efficiently and safely.

Farming Connect funding is available for the courses organised for them by Mendip Vets.  Their LANTRA freelance instructor, Dr Sotirios Karvountzis has 25 years of clinical experience as a vet and trainer and has worked extensively training vets and farmers. He is also a City & Guilds NPTC Assessor and CowSignals Master Trainer.

Mendip Vets focuses on small groups. The approved Farming Connect course provider believes that, accordingly, a course can be customised to the individual’s needs, so maximising the learning experience, with only two delegates per hoofcare course, six on the DIY AI and a maximum of ten on other courses.

Dr Karvountzis of Mendip Vets also works closely with Simply The Best Training to deliver courses such as accounting and ATV.  His courses comprise:


Farming Connect – Cattle Foot Trimming

One day, with a maximum of two delegates. The course involves mastering a hoof trimming technique with Mendip Vets and is a very educational and enjoyable day.  Outcomes include knowing the stabiliser from the stress claw and being able to balance an ulcerated foot 60:40.


Farming Connect – Advanced Cattle Foot Trimming

Three days, with a maximum of two delegates.  Delegates will master the Five-Step and White Line Atlas hoof trimming techniques, broaden knowledge on lameness and how to apply the most suitable technique, based on management and environment of the farm.


Farming Connect – Mobility Scoring

One day, with a maximum of ten delegates. The aim is to achieve lower than 10% lameness, with cows resting comfortably in their cubicles. Delegates will learn to identify lame cows and to work effectively as part of a team in improving hoofcare.


Farming Connect – Cattle DIY AI

Three days, maximum six delegates. Improve herds-person skills and add cattle DIY artificial insemination. The Mendip Vets course will help you get there safely and efficiently.


Farming Connect – Safe Use of Vet Meds

One day, maximum ten delegates. Use veterinary medicines responsibly and safely and focus on reduction of fire-brigade response, while increasing the preventative use. Tick boxes with Red Tractor, FAWL and supermarket contracts.


Farming Connect – Livestock Handling

One day, max ten delegates. Get a good understanding of livestock behaviour, learn to develop safer, more efficient and more profitable systems when working with livestock.

Testimonials include: ‘Sotirios is an engaging speaker, his talk and slides gave a clear and very useful update on the biomechanics of the bovine foot.’

‘Found it really helpful and loved that it was such a small class. Pretty excited to use all the practical tips’.


Farming Connect – Calf Health, Housing and Management

One day, max ten delegates. Are you looking to invest in rearing the future of your dairy or suckler herd? Colostrum management, optimum growth rates, disease prevention, suitable breeding plan and age at first calving of 22 months? Look no further this is the course for you!

The course’s key fundamentals will also cover practical sessions on testing colostrum quality, assessing various calf milk replacer products and measuring animal growth rates. Understand how cattle sense their environment and learn to use that in order to better handle livestock.

Finally understand how you can achieve optimum breeding results, while improving improve whenever possible, water, air, light, space and feed provisions for your animals.

Learn primarily through practical tuition and some video demonstrations. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Critical care of the newborn for survival and disease prevention
  • Colostrum is Gold and how to best manage it
  • Practical sessions on the use of a refractometer to assess colostrum quality


Farming Connect – Lambing Techniques

One day, maximum two delegates. The course has been designed to develop your ability to identify, examine, lamb down or seek help for those ewes who have lambing difficulties.

There will be background information so you can prepare for and recognise the signs of lambing.  A lambing simulator will be used for the practical activities.

The course sessions will cover:

  • Preparation for lambing
  • Recognise the signs of lambing
  • Normal birth
  • Lambing the ewe
  • Dealing with abnormal presentations
  • Aftercare


Cow Signals

One day, maximum ten delegates. Would you like to improve the wellbeing and profitability of your farm or your client farms?

Are you looking for a structured way to measure cow and herd performance? How do we assess cubicle acceptance or cow comfort? Are you looking for early warning signs of deteriorating performance?

Our CowSignals course is farm and classroom based and involves a maximum of ten delegates. Tutor Sotirios is an experienced vet and CowSignals Master Trainer, who has been delivering courses for farmers and vets for the past 20 years.

The Mendip Vets CowSignals course covers the following:

  • CowSignals
    • Water Supply
    • Light Provision
    • Air Circulation
    • Areas of Rest
    • Space Allocation
    • Feed Appraisal
  • PeopleSignals
    • Build on existing success
    • Critical areas
    • Room for Improvement


More testimonials for approved Farming Connect course provider Mendip Vets can be found at https://mendipvets.net/category/testimonials/.

It’s important to register with Farming Connect before the end of this month.