Improved concentration on proactive and preventive health care in the dairy herd has also increased the demands on vets.  Hoofcare is rightly regarded as more of a priority and techniques are becoming ever more refined.

It’s with this in mind that Mendip Vets offer a practical and interactive one day course on hoof trimming techniques and minor surgical procedures on the foot. The course is specifically geared for veterinary professionals and is farm and classroom based.

The organisers’ combined hoofcare experience will help you broaden your knowledge from the 5-step technique to the White Line Atlas method. The surgical section of the course includes practice on cadaver feet for intravenous regional anaesthesia, nerve blocks, debriding lesions, flushing of the joint and how and when to resort to digit amputation. The course involves a maximum of 2 delegates.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Digit Surgery Group
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the cow’s foot
    • IVRA & nerve blocks
    • Debriding lesions, including toe necrosis
    • Digit amputation and disarticulation
  2. Hoofcare group
    • Hoof-trimming techniques on healthy and lame feet
    • Block application
    • Applying a bandage
    • Knife sharpening

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the anatomy of the bovine digit
  • Understand the principles of minor surgery of the cow’s foot
  • Review the principles of the 5-step and White Line Atlas techniques
  • Practice foot trimming on farm

Your course tutors are Dr Sotirios Karvountzis MRCVS of Mendip Vets.


Ruben Viñes Martinez, Haverfordwest, Wales   Ruben Viñes Martinez:
“It was a pleasure working with you today. Really a good teacher! I enjoyed and learnt a lot today!
Valentino A, Wern Vets, Wales   Valentino A:
"I really enjoyed the Surgery & Hoofcare course for vets, very informative. Well formatted interactions, theory and practical sessions were very clear. Happy to have gained new skills. Thank you to Sotirios!"
Jon Diment BVSc MRCVS, Bredy Vets   Jon Diment:
"I greatly enjoyed my lameness day with Mendip Vets and Wessex Hoofcare. Sotirios is an engaging speaker, his talk and slides gave a clear and very useful update on the biomechanics of the bovine foot. The hoof trimmers Rob Todd and Mike Brimble were very professional. The small group enables successful one to one tuition. The practical sessions with feet from an abattoir also enables each attendee plenty of opportunity to practice both the Dutch and Canadian approaches to foot trimming and the surgical techniques. The day started with a full breakfast, which was a great way to begin a CPD session!
Emily Baxter BVetMed MRCVS, Drove Farm Vets LTD   Emily Baxter:
"A good course, with plenty of opportunity to put into practice the different surgical techniques of the bovine foot. I particularly enjoyed the small group size which meant plenty of guidance was available.”
Spyros Lionis, Farm Veterinary Services, Rutland   Spyros Lionis:
“Step by step explanation for how the body weight distributes to the claws of the animal and understanding how, why and what are the common reasons of lameness. Following the foot trimming stages guide you can organise your work very well, so you can be quick and effective. Good practice using and sharpening the knives.

Practical Bovine Digit Surgery & Hoofcare Course

£540.00 2 - Number of available spaces
Broaden your knowledge from the 5-step technique to the White...

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