Scanning with confidence

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The confidence instilled by training in a small team, with a maximum of four delegates, is a key aspect of the Practical Bovine Ultrasonography Course offered by Mendip Vets.

The practical and interactive session is farm and classroom based. The hands-on approach has been specifically geared so that practitioners can enhance understanding of how ultrasound examinations are carried out in the UK and abroad.

Delegates will emerge better equipped to interpret scans in their day to day work. They will learn from the tips, knowledge and understanding of the science acquired by highly experienced professionals over many years across the world.

The aim is to share knowledge and images from the UK, Canada, US, New Zealand and Europe to enhance understanding of the technology, its operation and interpretation. Learning objectives include understanding the principles and applications, looking at key performance points, becoming more familiar with your own scanner and direct on farm practice.

Delegates are invited to bring their own linear or sector scanner as well as goggles or screen. It needs to be battery operated. Alternatively a Reproscan model will be provided for use on the day.

The topics covered include the stages of the oestral cycle: Pre-oestrus, Oestrus, Met-oestrus and Di-oestrus. There will also be instruction on pregnancy diagnosis and ageing the foetus, from early to mid to late.

Gender determination and identifying twins are a vital aspect, as is spotting foetal and dam reproductive anomalies. Then there is the need to achieve your own clinical diagnosis beyond the rectal examination.

Devon vet, Tanja van Loon, said of a previous course: “I found it really helpful and loved that it was such a small class. Pretty excited to use all the practical tips and do some scanning of my own! Made me feel like I actually would be able to learn this skill and practice it.”

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