MilkSure – Summary

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Speed Awareness Course for Residue-free milk.

UK farmers have maintained a failure rate of only 0.24% since the 1990s, but some European countries and the US have much lower failure rates – in Canada just 0.04% of bulk tanks tested fail.

A few points to consider …….

  • Are treated cows and those under milk withdrawal milked with the main herd?
  • Are treated cows milked last?
  • Are treated cows marked clearly?
  • Are at least two methods of identification used for treated cows?
  • Is separate cluster and dump bucket used?
  • Is a milk dump line used?
  • Is equipment fully washed/ disinfected between cows? Hands washed after administration?
  • Is there a system to ensure the milk transfer line is removed from the bulk tank before milking withdrawal cows?
  • Is it clear to all milkers which cows are under milk withdrawal (including relief milkers)?
  • Have all milkers been trained in the procedures for marking and dealing with treatment cows?