MilkMonitor(C) is an easy to use web-based programme designed to streamline herd data.

You’ll find everything that’s important to your farm in one place.

MilkMonitor(C) is a decision-making tool that uses data from a variety of reliable industry sources such as NML, NMR, CIS, Interherd and Alpro, as well as other dairy farm data across the UK.

This data can be used alongside your own farm’s to produce a wealth of key reports and analysis, giving you, you vet and your consultant a detailed insight into everything from an individual cow’s value, health and performance to a general overview of the success of your herd.

All the data and statistics are presented in either PDF or Excel files, as reports or graphs for instant clarity.


Clear Farm Reports & Supplements

MilkMonitor(C) report systems cover all the essential areas of your farm including:

  • Somatic Cell Counts & Bactoscan
  • Milk Yields & Brinkmanship
  • Milk Quality
  • Fertility

The reports can go even further into the individual health of your animals by looking at cell count, lameness, mastitis and more. See examples of Main ReportFertilityYieldBrinkmanshipSomatic Cell CountBody Condition Score.


Better Benchmarking

To create a sharing culture within MilkMonitor(C), all the intelligence supplied is 100% anonymous, which means you benefit from access to data from some of the country’s top-performing farms without having to disclose your identity.

Whether it’s fertility, cell counts, medicine usage or milk yield you want to study, you’ll have access to a carefully monitored average – within your farm and the wider area.

There are a variety of graphs that can be included in the benchmarking file, this is an example report


Simple Practice Overview

For vets, MilkMonitor(C) is a place where you can see all the farms you work with and quickly determine areas where health and performance need your support and expertise.

Click here for a example of the Overview report.


Helpful Hit Lists

When it comes to analysing the individual performance of members of your herd, MilkMonitor(C) really excels.

Lists are created effortlessly to track your prize cows in the Top Cow List, pulling all the best milk producers, the most fertile and highest bred cows into one place.

Likewise, those cows that could be costing you money and not performing are easy to identify on the To Be Culled List.


Join our Community

MilkMonitor(C) is the result of years of farmer and vet feedback – and a lot of hard work!

The programme has been developed to cater for not only the dairy industry as a whole, but for farms and practices as individuals, with bespoke reports created to identify the specific needs of your herd.

Why choose MilkMonitor(C)?

  • Comprehensive: where else can you draw on major industry data from milk-recording companies like NMR, CIS, QMMS alongside DeLaval, AlPro, Interherd and RoboVet, all in one place?
  • Relevant, up-to-the-minute data: MilkMonitor(C) is regularly updated to ensure an accurate snapshot of the current market, with data that’s specific to your farm.
  • Bespoke: choose reports and analyse data to suit your requirements.
  • Data at Every Level: from cow and farm to veterinary practice and Superherd benchmarking, analysis is made easy at every stage.
  • Fast and Accurate: MilkMonitor(C) computes millions of rows of relevant data within minutes.
  • Complete Peace of Mind: share data without compromising your identity; MilkMonitor(C) is completely anonymous.

Join MilkMonitor(C) today. Simply give us the go ahead to work with your data by submitting an Authorisation Form.