Mendip Vets Milk Bacteriology and Sensitivity service. Test your cows cost-effectively.

Monitor mastitis in your herd, identify some of the causes of the disease and keep an eye on seasonal trends. Is mastitis of environmental or contagious origin in your herd? Also, reducing antimicrobial use in the heart of our combined efforts for those involved in the agricultural industry.

Some of the features of this service:

  • Culture Coliforms, Staphs and Streps
  • Identify Staph aureus, a cause of chronic mastitis with sometimes severe financial and economic consequences
  • Carry out antimicrobial sensitivity on those colonies identified above
  • Check for antimicrobial residues on individual cow or bulk tank milk samples
  • Broad somatic cell count test on the submitted milk samples

Your vet will advise you on the best treatments for the cows you tested. This is a strictly non-veterinary service that is limited to milk bacteriology and sensitivity.