Laparoscopic AI can help when it comes to the constant battle for a sheep flock to remain profitable


There are substantial pressures on any UK commercial flock to remain competitive. It needs to uphold high welfare standards, respect the environment, maximising output and ultimately meet the buyers’ needs while matching their expectations of the product. All these factors will detrimentally affect profitability.


Implementing laparoscopic AI has numerous benefits:

1. Inseminate up to 150 ewes per day
2. One high quality ram can be used to fertilise large number of ewes
3. Tightening of lambing season
4. Introduce new genetics, by utilising frozen semen
5. Pin-point lambing time, at a period of high demand in lambs
6. Take better advantage of staff at busy periods
7. Minimise disease spread


Utilise one high quality ram, while minimising disease spread and introducing new and better genetics. Tighten the lambing season and aim it at a time of high demand in lambs. More efficient, targeted growth for the lambs based on the newly introduced genetics. All that while utilising staff more efficiently at busy periods.


You shall be offered an AI protocol to prepare the ewes and the rams, that starts months before the date of AI. You are advised to adhere to the protocol closely, as this will also ensure high success rates.