The focus on proactive and preventive health in the dairy herd has increased the demands on hoofcare and lameness prevention. Our hoof health service can help you improve the locomotion of your cows.


A. Mobility Scoring and Data Collection

We can mobility score your cows according to your milk buyer requirements or we can train you to do your own mobility scoring.

We can also collect, benchmark and analyse further data ranging from your foot trimmer’s findings to how long time your cows are standing. All this is essential information in understanding the causes of lameness in your herd and will help us improve hoofcare on your farm.


B. Cattle Hoofcare

We or our affiliated hoofcare professionals will visit you at agreed intervals, ensuring that the claw health of your animals remains at top form.

Our colleagues are highly experienced and qualified, able to effectively deal with lameness in a variety of management systems.

We shall choose the best hoof-trimming method for the environment your cattle are kept in, ensuring they receive the most appropriate hoofcare they deserve.


C. Lameness Risk Factors and Prevention

The wealth of experience that a CowSignals Master Trainer and an AHDB Mobility Mentor bring, can help us identify and successfully address risk factors on your holding.

  • Our clients benefit from devising breeding plans, by selecting the most appropriate genomic sires that are likely to reduce lameness in their offspring.
  • We shall work with your nutritionist or produce ourselves diets for your cows, to ensure claw horn quality and digital cushion are kept ship-shape.
  • Inspect the cow accommodation, appraise and modify the cubicle design, so that it maximises comfort and cow lying times.
  • Help you decide on the most suitable design, frequency, dilution rates and active ingredient for your foot-bath.
  • Evaluate the housing environment and tracks, aspiring to minimise infection pressure on feet and finally aim for effective and prompt treatment of lame cows.

The result is simply healthier and stress-free cows!