Herds and flocks that are productive and fertile, are those that combine the desired selection of genes for a given environment.

We help dairy, suckler, sheep and goat farms improve productivity by selecting the most suitable animals to breed from, based on their genomic predictions. We do this by utilising a wealth of tools, such as AHDB Herd Genetic Reports, Signet Database coupled with genomic tissue sampling, which depending on the lab can examine for over 150,000 genes.

We can also help you calculate Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) for your own herd or flock, through our own statistical modelling package.


Our clients benefit from the following aspects:

  • Establishing Parentage
  • Selecting early on the most suitable replacements to breed from
  • Selecting embryo transfer donors and recipients
  • Improving cow longevity, fertility, lameness, mastitis and cell counts for dairy farms
  • Interpreting TB Advantage
  • Meat carcass traits for beef and sheep