A. Endoscopic web quizzes

An exciting project from Mendip Vets for all veterinary colleagues who wish to learn more or improve or test their knowledge on practical application of bovine endoscopy, from Laparoscopy, to Thoracoscopy, to Theloscopy.

Each interactive Web quiz can be purchased individually. Once purchased you shall be granted immediate access to it.

Learn through reading text, studying images or watching videos of the various applications of the procedure.




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B. Introduction to bovine endoscopy

This practical course on bovine endoscopy, is conference room based and involves a maximum of 2 delegates. You shall have plenty of in-vitro training, through an interactive course. The teaching methods are based on video presentations of the procedure, as well as classroom based practice. The Introduction to Bovine Endoscopy course aspires to serve as a taster and outline what Endoscopy (from Laparoscopy to Theloscopy) can offer.


Introduction to Bovine Endoscopy

£540.00 2 - Number of available spaces
This practical course on bovine endoscopy, is conference room based...


C. Bespoke bovine endoscopic training

Practical farm animal CPD can be expensive and disruptive for the practice. Travelling to the CPD venue, accommodation costs and covering for staff away – both within and out of hours – are part of those overheads. What follows is a more cost-effective approach. It brings complex training to your entire veterinary practice, so that all vets can be trained on site with less disruption to your business:

  • Join your practice for one or more weeks and carry out endoscopic training.
  • During this week(s) a ‘wide net’ will be spread and we can find possible corrective or exploratory cases for endoscopic practice.
  • Train five clinicians plus one veterinary nurse or SQP of your team per week on the technique. The delegates can join the training sessions as they become available during the day or stay continually throughout the training week.
  • We shall allocate time for theory, in-vitro practice and, of course, on farm practicals.
  • Integrating with your team will offer you the best advice on how to manage the endoscopic kit and promote the service to your clients.

The animals that are required for in-vivo training need, first and foremost, to benefit from the procedure. The procedure is modular. For example a two-step LDA correction, or RDA correction, always starts as a one-step LDA correction. Part of the course will be completed in-vitro in the classroom, and part in-vivo on the farm. Ideally, per week, we shall need a mixture of up to five displaced abomasum and sick cows for corrective or exploratory endoscopy.

Check our “LDA Correction – Short Guide” here (Note: website registration required).

We shall supply the training endoscopic kit and delegate course notes with attendance certificates in electronic form.  We need the following arranged from yourselves:

  • A teaching room that can sit a minimum of eight people.
  • Laptop, powerpoint projector, extension leads, flip-chart, marker pens, etc.
  • Medicines, specifically local anaesthetic, sedatives, and any treatment against concurrent disease that the patient may require at the time.
  • Consumables, for example 5ml and 30ml syringes, needles, gloves, disposable gowns and so on.

The bespoke Bovine Endoscopic training takes place at flexible times to suit your team, offering up to 16 hours CPD per veterinary surgeon and up to 8 hours CPD per nurse or SQP.

To request further information on endoscopic training, please complete the form below.


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Spyros Lionis, Farm Veterinary Services, Rutland, East Midlands   Spyros Lionis:
“Innovative technique in the practice, less painful for the animals than classical methods, better welfare and more production of milk and fertility. Very useful course understanding better the anatomy and the pathophysiology of rumen's abnormalities and after training with practical model regarding how you can use the different parts of endoscopy, with lots of  videos and diagrams.
Liverpool Farm Animal Veterinary Society, Liverpool, Merseyside   LFAVS:
“Very engaging bovine endoscopy talk and very informative on a topic we aren't taught in lectures!
Andrew Cooke, Belmont Farm & Equine Vets, Bromyard, Herefordshire   Andrew Cooke:
“The training offered by Sotirios is an excellent way to get confident in the range of techniques required for bovine endoscopy. The ability for the training to be conducted in-house using the Practice’s own patients makes the experience incredibly relevant and useful. His appreciation for a busy working practice means that a plenty of training can be fitted around the busy schedule of several vets over the week. Thoroughly recommended.”
Gareth Keevill, Towcester Vets, Towcester, Northamptonshire   Gareth Keevill:
“Sotirios visited our practice and gave a very interesting and hugely interactive session on an introduction to Endoscopy in farm animals. By holding it at the practice, it was far easier for us and most of our Vets were able to attend. It was much enjoyed by all. Many thanks Sotirios.”