Maximising udder health for improved herd performance through dynamic testing

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Preliminary results from an EIP Wales project are indicating that the biggest impact on improving the function of the milking parlour and enhancing udder health, lies with identifying and rectifying overmilking. Four dairy farmers in Carmarthenshire with an average herd … Continued

Cattle Foot Trimming – White Line Atlas

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It’s stating the obvious to emphasise that a dairy cow needs good, well cared for feet. But optimum hoofcare is far from a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Llandeilo based Mendip Vets are offering advanced, customised, training courses in cattle … Continued

Timely Tup Quarantine Tips

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One of the many factors that can influence your flock’s productivity and profitability is your animals’ disease status. And nothing can have more devastating consequences than introducing disease. A thorough quarantine protocol can help you prevent exactly that. The aim … Continued

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