Our PSPB laboratory service is testing for Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB) in blood. Determine the pregnancy status of your animals cost-effectively and by reducing stress.

PSPB was found in the late 1980’s by researchers of the University of Idaho in the US and they were the first to show that it could be used as a reliable and early marker for pregnancy in ruminants. These markers have been studied throughout the gestation in both blood and milk for the past 30 years.

We believe that blood is a more reliable medium for pregnancy detection in early gestation (ie before 75 days post-service). This is because the PSPB concentration during early gestation in blood is likely to be up to 20 times more than in that of milk.

Research has shown that during early pregnancy determination, looking for PSPB in milk comes with 88% sensitivity, as opposed to 95% sensitivity in that of blood for the same period. Testing for PSPB in blood during early gestation therefore, is less likely to miss pregnancies.


Some of the features of this test:

  • Detection as early as 28 days
  • Minimise stress and handling to animals
  • Test results are expressed as Positive, Re-check or Negative
  • Fixed price per animal


This test requires:

  • A blood sample from each animal
  • A known service date for each animal


Blood Samples are collected by the animal owner or someone who works on the farm and are trained in blood sample collection, by their vet.

This laboratory test is strictly not a veterinary service and is limited to pregnancy determination only. Your vet will advise you on the best treatments for the animals you have tested.

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