Mendip Vets BioPD Service testing for Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB). PD your cows cost-effectively and in a stress-free manner.

PSPB was found in the late 1980’s by University of Idaho researchers in the US and were the first to show that it could be used as a reliable, early marker for pregnancy detection in ruminants. Today, we have over 30 years studying these markers throughout gestation in both blood and milk and we believe that the only reliable medium for pregnancy diagnosis in early gestation (ie before 75 days post -service) is blood.

This is because PSPB concentration in milk is 20x less than in blood. Studies have shown that in early pregnancy diagnosis, detecting PSPB in milk comes with 88% sensitivity, as opposed to 99% sensitivity of the blood for the same period. As a result of this, the milk test will miss a considerable number of pregnancies.

Some of the features of this service:

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis as early as 28 days
  • We require a blood sample, where PSPB is 20x higher than in milk
  • Fixed price per cow
  • Minimise stress and waiting time

This test requires:

  • A service date to accompany the blood sample
  • Test results are expressed as Pregnant, Re-absorbed or Negative
  • Blood Samples are collected by the farmer or someone who works on the farm

Your vet will advise you on the best treatments for the cows you tested. This is a strictly non-veterinary service that is limited to pregnancy determination only.