Would you like to master more than one cattle hoof trimming techniques, while broadening your knowledge on lameness and mobility? This course will teach you the White Line Atlas and 5-Step foot trimming methods, making you versatile when trimming your clients’ cattle. Apply the most suited technique depending on the management and environment the cows are kept in, resulting in improved hoofcare.

Our 5 Day Advanced Hoofcare course is farm and classroom based and involves a maximum of 3 delegates and will help you develop your confidence to better manage and understand foot trimming from an individual cow to the herd level. By the end of the course, you would have become skilled at two foot trimming methods and cultivated your own farm strategies to assess what your herds’ hoof health status is. You shall be able to benchmark numerous herds and compare their lameness performance.

You shall gain vital experience in evaluating the most suitable environment that either technique can be applied. The course’s key fundamentals will also cover understanding the bio markers and critical control points in the claws and cow’s foot that are required to allow a unified bio-mechanical profile of the foot. The course will also review the anatomy of the foot, as well as aspects of the environment and genetics that predispose in lameness.

Review health and safety principles relating to foot trimming that create a secure setting for the hoofcare professional and the cow. Finally improve your assessment of hoof conditions and base your curative approach on the latest research. Develop a Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources and an Action Plan in order to tackle your clients’ hoofcare issues.

Sotirios has over 20 years’ experience as a vet and foot trimmer. He is a LANTRA Freelance Instructor, City & Guilds NPTC Assessor and CowSignals Master Trainer.


Advanced Hoofcare

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